Nail Systems

Nail Systems

The nice to know about nails and nail systems

When it comes to nails, the options are endless, and with so many nail systems available, the decision can become quite daunting, especially trying to determine what's best for your nail needs. Fortunately, we know it all and will gladly share the info and simplify the technicalities of the different nail systems available.


What's the difference?

Contrary to some belief, getting a manicure and having your nails done is not entirely the same. Let's take a closer look.

A manicure is a treatment that comprises the following:

  1. An exfoliating hand treatment,
  2. a hand massage,
  3. nail and cuticle care and
  4. finished with basic nail polish.

Nail systems are either gel, acrylic, rubber-based, or dipping gel applied to your natural nail.

Nail system sets comprise the following:

  1. Cuticle care before the application of the preferred nail system.
  2. Optional adding nail tips or extensions to elongate your nails.
  3. Placing nails in UV or LED light for nails to cure or dry nails.


What sets nail systems apart?

Gel polish is a thin brush-on formula designed for higher performance and a glossier finish than regular nail polish, lasting between 2 – 3 weeks. This nail system is flexible, meaning your nail can still bend under this product. Gel polish is recommended for short and stronger nails and for clients that dislike thick nail applications. Gel polishes come in a variety of colours. Some examples of gel polishes include Evo, Shellac, Gelux and Gellish.

Gel is also referred to as hard gel. As opposed to gel polish, it has a thicker and stickier consistency. Gel comes in small gel pots and is applied with a gel brush, similar to a small paintbrush. Gel is more robust than gel polish and will also last longer. This nail system requires filling your nails after 2 – 3 weeks and a soak-off once you need a fresh set. Although gel is flexible, it is less so than gel polish. We recommend gel for thinner nails that require strengthening and especially for those who want to extend their nails with tips. It is available in various colours, and one can opt for a neutral base colour with added gel polish overlay. A well-known example is Biosculpture.

Dipping gel combines gel's flexibility and acrylic nail systems' strength. It is comfortable but more prone to breakage if you are not gentle.

Dipping gel requires:

  1. Gel application.
  2. Acrylic powder application by dipping your finger into the acrylic powder.
  3. Curing the nail in UV or LED lamps.

Dipping gel is a thicker nail application that you can either apply to your natural nail or with tips to lengthen your nails, and you can then fill your nails within 2 - 3 weeks following the initial application. We recommend it for clients with thin nails or who prefer flexible acrylic.

Acrylic is a powder mixed with a liquid just before application. Acrylic is tough, strong, and much thicker on the nail. One can also fill acrylic 2 - 3 weeks after application. Acrylic comes in various colours but can also be applied in a base colour with gel polish. We recommend this system for clients who are hard on their hands and nails and prefer to extend their nails with tips. Examples of acrylic include Mia Secret, Young Nails and NSI.

Rubber Base Coats are legendary, and most nail technicians and clients swear by this product. Rubber base coats are designed to strengthen flaky, brittle, thin or splitting nails and are considered the best nail reinforcement gel on the market. It is the number one solution for people who bite or chew their nails and comes with a 100% no lifting, no chipping guarantee. Rubber base coats have some flexibility but are harder than gel nails. They are waterproof, hypoallergenic, and animal cruelty-free. Although the application is similar to gel polish's, the consistency is completely different because the rubber base is thicker than gel polish. This system houses a variety of colours, although more specialised in base coats and natural colours.

Polygel, or combo gel, is a combination of gel and acrylic, but it feels lighter on the nails than gel or acrylic. This system is still cured with a UV or LED light and can be applied to your natural nail or nail enhancements. Polygel can be moulded into perfect shape with a nail brush or a pre-chosen nail form, which almost looks like nail tips. The polygel formula requires no ratios, mixing, or monomers, which minimises the strong acrylic smell. For different colours, one can also apply gel polish over the Polygel.

With the array of nail systems available, you are spoiled for choice in experimenting to determine your exact nail needs.

For accurate advice and guidance, please speak to one of our professional nail technicians and start your journey to beautiful nails today.